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Calm Sea

Jenny Keay - Counselling and Therapy

I am an experienced integrative counselling therapist working with adults and young people. Please do contact me for more details.


Light and Shadow

Calm Sea

   What is Counselling?        How can it help?

Counselling and therapy can provide a safe and confidential weekly space to explore any difficulties and challenges in your life. These can be things like:

- low mood and a sense of emptiness

- difficulties in relationship with others or loneliness

- anxious or panicky feelings that get in the way of how you want to live your life

- compulsive ways of coping such as eating difficulties, addictions and many ways in which we manage our feelings.


A bit more about me

I qualified as an integrative counsellor in 2011 at Metanoia and am continuing my ongoing study of psychotherapy. I have a diploma in Schools and Adolescent Counselling and am Head of Counselling at a local community counselling service.

I can offer short and longer term opportunities to work together.

I aim to offer you a safe and confidential space to develop a trusting counselling relationship with me which will enable you to explore difficulties and challenges in your life. 

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How do I work?
By building a safe space together, we can explore your goals and needs 

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Crossing the River
Motivational Speaker

Short-Term Counselling

This might be a group of 6-12 sessions where we explore a particular goal or difficulty together

Open-ended Therapy 

Taking more time to develop the counselling relationship will offer the opportunity to explore often unconscious patterns of relating and provide a new and different relational experience

Working with Young People

I currently don't have any availability for young people in my practice but do contact me for recommendations that I can provide for services and individual therapists


"To honour our grief, to grant it space and time in our frantic world, is to fulfill a convenant with soul - to welcome all that is, thereby granting room for our most authentic life"

Francis Weller - The Wild Edge of Sorrow

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